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Dimelo Digital

Unified management platform for your digital conversations

A unified process tailored to your digital strategy

Every day your team responds to hundreds of customer inquiries through social media, web, chat, and mobile channels.

Discover all the media you can connect to Dimelo Digital

With Dimelo Digital you can provide consistent service quality to all of your customers by processing customer inquiries according to your SLAs, customer profiles and agent availability.

A unified interface

Your agents are there to respond to customer inquiries, not to learn how to use new software.

Dimelo Digital is a single management console that supports a variety of digital channels, including email, social networks, chat, and mobile.

Team management made easier and more efficient

Instead of having to anticipate how much coverage you need for each channel, with Dimelo Digital you can take a global approach to resource management and allocate agents in real time to all of your digital channels as needed.

Single CRM integration

With Dimelo Digital you can aggregate all customer interactions on digital channels and synchronize ticket information and customer profiles with your existing CRM.

We support Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integrations.

Discover easy CRM integration with Dimelo

Centralized stats

How to compare each digital channel efficiency within your contact strategy ?

Dimelo Digital provide all of the analytics and reporting to analyze and pilote every digital channel and make the best investment choices regarding the observed results.

We help them go digital

Key features of Dimelo Digital

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