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Turn your mobile app into an exclusive engagement channel

Kate bought a gift online on PurpleShop. She just received the package, but it looks damaged!

She opens the PurpleShop app on her smartphone.

In the app, Kate clicks on "Chat with us" to explain the situation to a customer service agent.

After a few messages, she sends a photo of the damaged parcel. She will get a replacement delivery. Kate's problem is solved!

Real-time or asynchronous exchanges

With Dimelo Mobile, unlike with traditional chat, customers retain the complete history of the conversation between them and the brand. They can go back to the history at any time, even after closing the application.

Push notifications

If you send a response after customers have closed your application, they receive a push notification indicating that you have answered.

Sharing multimedia content

Dimelo Mobile is not limited to text! You can exchange photos, videos, and even geolocation data to best serve your customer.

Offline access

If your customer sends a message when the network quality is poor, the content is stored in memory and sent when the network improves.

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Key features of Dimelo Mobile

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