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Dimelo Social

Efficient management of customer contacts on social media

Centralize messages

Never miss a message again!

Dimelo Social aggregates all feeds from social media to guarantee operational efficiency, traceability of exchanges, and large-scale processing of your interactions with customers.
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With Dimelo, reply to your clients via Messenger !

Reply quickly and on the right channel

On social media, your customers expect quick answers.

Dimelo Social gives you all the tools you need to be more effective. It helps you impress your customers and turn them into brand ambassadors. Toggle between your different social identities to respond to customers wherever they are.

Improve your productivity

You constantly receive numerous and widely varied messages through social media.

To allow customer care teams to focus on their core business, Dimelo Social uses a self-learning algorithm that identifies message patterns, routes messages to the appropriate agents, suggests answers, and filters out irrelevant messages.

We help them go digital

Key features of Dimelo Social

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