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Dimelo SA (Société Anonyme)
 with share capital of 320,734 €
Registered address: 32, rue de Trevise, 75009 Paris, France
Siret: 490 844 743 00040 RCS Paris

Publishing Director.  
Stéphane Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Dimelo S.A.

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Pages within the website may collect information submitted by our visitors for a variety of purposes, including:

  • delivery of sales or information-focused materials or contact per the viewer's request
  • processing of comments on the website
  • downloading of files requiring reader registration pursuant to licensing agreement
  • processing job applications for Dimelo's recruitment purposes only, such information to be held for six months only before deletion. By submitting your details, you express your full consent to the above, including your consent to your details being transmitted outside your own country.

In addition, Dimelo collects information to ensure the relevance of pages on the website. Such information is generated by our web servers to provide anonymized traffic trend analysis reports. Dimelo uses this information only for development purposes, and does not use or transfer it for any other purpose. Dimelo does not provide any web site generated contact information to third parties without permission.

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